About this Blog

This blog is designed to complement my other Theocratic Software resources.

The main website is found at http://www.publictalksoftware.co.uk where you can download:

  • Public Talks
  • Meeting Schedule Assistant
  • Visits Rota

There is also a Support Forum which admittedly is not used as much these days. It is maintained because has some useful resources provided by myself and other users.

The Mantis Bug Tracker is the resource to use for any bugs that you find or feature requests that you have. This resource can also be accessed directly from within Public Talks and Meeting Schedule Assistant.

The Mailchimp newsletter is my primary way of keeping in touch. I provide updates about new versions of my software using this newsletter. You are encouraged to sign up. You can sign up using the small form on this blog or at the main website above.

As mentioned, this blog is designed to complement the above resources. Hopefully you find the articles useful and feel free to comment on them.